Grooming Exfoliator

Grooming Exfoliator

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  • GENTLE ON SKIN:   One of Dapper Daddyz Grooming Exfoliator Sponge's benefits is that it's gentle on the skin. They can be used by those with sensitive skin and will not damage your skin cells. They can even be used to shower babies! The sponges are so soft and palm-sized and make a perfect sponge for baby bath time.


  • TREATS CLOGGED PORES AND ACNE:   Dapper Daddyz Grooming Exfoliator Sponge can cleanse your skin of dirt, blackheads, whiteheads, oil, and other blemishes.. Once dirt sets on your face for more than 24 hours, you could expect that you’ll have pimples the next morning. One of the konjac sponge skin benefits is to make your skin extremely clean without drying it out making it dull-looking


  • FULL BODY CLEANSING:   Dapper Daddyz Grooming Exfoliator Sponge's are good for full body cleansing and exfoliating. They are the best bath sponge products for a gentle exfoliation that reveals a more refined feel, a radiant complexion, and a healthier appearance


  • SAFE FOR SUNBURNT SKIN:   Dapper Daddyz Grooming Exfoliator Sponge is also good for sunburnt skin because it sloughs off dead skin cells, giving way to newer and fresher skin. It can also remove stubborn sunscreens which stick to your skin that cannot be washed easily by a soap or cleanser.

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